P.A.S.T. Projects Have Moved.

Having intended to document The Woodmill on their Neckinger site The P.A.S.T. Projects Library and Archive has now closed along with The Woodmill's inaugural incarnation.

P.A.S.T. Projects, however, are still active and have been working on various projects including a collaboration with Jorge De la Garza for his recent exhibition at First Floor Projects, a piece for the upcoming issue of Baston Blanco and a Hi-Teen Carnival in collaboration with Gandt for their series of events at And/Or Bureau.

At present we are working on our new website and some upcoming collaborations. Watch this space.


The Woodmill S.A.G.S: 'May God Bless Her And All Who Sailed in Her'

The Studio Artist Group Show will see all parts of the Woodmill complex thrown open to the public, as we mount a celebratory exhibition featuring 90 of our Woodmill studio artist community. In addition to the permanent gallery spaces, the exhibition will spread to take over normally private communal areas, studios and other miscellany to be incorporated and adapted for this chorus finale. The exhibition will provide an insight into the life of the Woodmill project, reveal the breadth of work produced in the studios over the last 18 months, and create a fitting send-off for a vessel that has served us honorably.

Thorbjørn Andersen . Clarisse d'Arcimoles . Tasha Aulls . Nicole Bachmann . Stuart Bailes . Anna Baker . Jo Ball . Claire Bayliss Dave Bateman . Ruth Beale . Ciaran Begley . Joshua Bilton . Gabriel Birch . Steve Bishop . Al Braithwaite . Savinder Bual . Laura Buckley . Melissa Bugarella . Ben Burgis . Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann . Spartacus Chetwynd . Adam Christensen Sidsel Christensen . Chris Clarke . Ben Connors . Patrick Coyle . Blue Curry . Annie Davey . Tim Devas . Claudia Djabbari . Philip Ewe . James Ferris . Alastair Frazer . Malcolm Gauldie . Hal Silver . Una Hamilton . Richard Hards . Rowena Harris . Kate Hawkins . Darren Harvery-Regan . Michael Heilgemeir . Joey Holder . Jang-Oh Hong . Toby Huddlestone . Emma Hunt . Emily Hussey . Monica Jäger . Poppy Jones . Clarke Keatley . Trevor Kiernander . Una Knox . Iva Kontic . Vera Kox . Betsy Lundquist . Simon Memel . Nick McQueen . Stuart Middleton . Jasiek Mischke . Flore Nove-Josserand . Jenny Moore Koslowsky Jon Moscow . Thom O'Nions . Joep Overtoom . Laurence Owen . Alexander Page . Jihye Park . Jon Parkinson . P.A.S.T. Projects . Yuri Pattison Faye Peacock . Naomi Pearce . Ksenia Pedan . Linda Persson . Kate Pickering . Natasha Rees . Lara Rettondini . Ishai Rimmer Rachel Russell . Hendrik Schneider . Paul Schneider . Sabrina Osbourne . Richard Sides . Jim Threapleton . Katelyn Toth-Fejel Jack Vickridge . Josh Walsh . Charlottte Warne Thomas . Joe Watling . Angharad Williams . Dale Wilson . Kentaro Yamada

Images above include; installation shots of the P.A.S.T. Projects Library and Archive, a banner by Betsy Lundquist and installation shots of work on the third floor and in the hangar space (respectively).


Sophie Risner: P.A.S.T. Projects Holiday Contributor

On occasion of the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday: First Dance.


April's Contributor of the Month: Annie Davey

The Black Mountain, NC, USA, 2010.


Chris Boyd // David Rule // Dominic Rich // Helen E Cocker // James Ferris // Jenny Moore // Kate Hawkins // Louisa Martin // Luminous Books // P.A.S.T. Projects // Sophie Risner


Perverted Minimalism Nr. 3 (18 March 2011 – 27 March 2011)

Claudia Djarbbari, Hedwig Eberle, Anna Friedel and Franka Kaßner.

Woodmill studio artist Claudia Djabbari presents the third installment of Perverted Minimalism; a touring group exhibition in collaboration with German artists Hedwig Eberle, Anna Friedel and Franka Kaßner.

Having graduated together in 2006 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich Perverted Minimalism reunites these four artists for a series of exhibitions held in Düsseldorf, London, Munich and Leipzig; the cities in which they now reside.

Possessing a shared interest in the conflict between collective and individual consciousness, Perverted Minimalism presents work that investigates political and social structures in conjunction with formal concerns.

Working across painting, sculpture, video and installation the artists reconfigure and add to the work included with each leg of the series creating a flexible and increasingly more complex installation that contradicts their reductive practices

Posters from the previous two installments of Perverted Minimalism.

An article by Michael Barre from Kaleidescope issue 4 and books selected by the artists.

Curator Wiebke Gronemeyer enjoying one of the publications.