Man in the Dark

Man in the Dark

Opening: 08.10.2010 / 7 - 9pm
Exhibition continues: 09.10.2010 - 07.11.2010

Tales (Perada, Greece, August 2009), 2010, Daniel Gustav Cramer

Bettina Samson (FR) Jane and Louise Wilson (UK) Jon Rafman (US) Lottie Cantle (UK) Christian Newby (US) Joost van den Toorn (NL) Stuart Croft (UK) Daniel Gustav Cramer (DE)

'Man in the Dark' embraces the ambiguous and illusory nature of humanity's belief in self- betterment, in turn exploring the frictions that exist between our search for emotional well being and our desire to develop intelligently. The works included present opposing ideologies and deal with processes of perceptual, mystical and ritual transformation. Positing the irrational and unexplainable as central to the production of artworks the exhibition functions on the fringes of the logical, with collection of works

The exhibition includes debut London presentations from Joost van den Toorn- featuring a large and confounding bronze work, and Bettina Samson- whose practice is revealed here in a series of installations, having recently exhibited within 'Dynasty' at Palais de Tokyo earlier in the year. Other pieces include early work by artists Jane and Louise Wilson, photography and text by Daniel Gustav Cramer, and new work by Lottie Cantle derived from a recent excursion to the Caribbean Sea with the National Center for Oceanography. Jon Rafman shares his perspective through a Secondlife interview as avatar Kool-Aid Man, whilst Christian Newby and Stuart Croft explore narrative and transportation through their video and film.

Curated by Alastair Frazer, Thom O'Nions, Naomi Pearce and Richard Sides

Exhibition opening times: Thursday - Sunday 12 - 6pm

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